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A new year means a new you. It is the chance for fresh beginnings, new opportunities and the chance to grow as a person. Most people make New Year’s resolutions to help them with their goals. However, if you ask those people in three months about how they’re doing, the response will probably not be that great. If you vow that you are not going to be one of those people because you are determined and have self-control, props to you. As we know from past experience, it is easier said than done. Actually sticking with your resolutions beyond February is a milestone that not many people reach.

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These are the signs you probably aren’t going to be sticking with your New Year’s resolutions:

1. You made 383 resolutions because making one or two is for weaklings. New Years Jlaw

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Anyone can make a few resolutions and stick with them. However, you are not anyone. You are a hard worker and good at getting things done so you have enough resolutions to fill a page. You think they will all be easy to do, but you will be lucky to cross off even one of them.

2. You made your New Year’s resolutions after one or two drinks.Drinking

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You came up with your New Year’s resolutions on New Year’s Eve after a few cocktails with your friends. There was lots of laughing involved and some friendly competition to try and one up each other, but you tell yourself that yours is still pretty realistic…when you cross out a few things…and maybe tweak the ending a bit…

3. You wake up on January 1st and say that you will start your resolutions tomorrow.Bed

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Everyone knows that January 1st is a free pass. It is a day where you are recovering from all the New Year’s Eve partying. How can anyone expect you to start your new life when you are tired and hungover? January 2nd is also a bit early, so maybe you will start in a few Mondays from now, or maybe when the nice weather starts, or maybe…

4. You did not write your resolutions down because you think you don’t need to.Stupid

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You do not need to write down your resolutions. You have a brain. Of course you will remember them. You do not need to have a piece of paper taped to your fridge as a daily reminder of what you need to get done. You have a memory like a computer…or at least you think you do.

5. You resolution depends on your winning the lottery.Money

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You are going to accomplish your resolution. The only way that it wouldn’t happen is if you don’t get that large sum or cash you are expecting or a pot of gold. If the money doesn’t come through, then it is definitely not your fault the resolution wasn’t accomplished.

6. One of your New Year’s resolutions was going to the gym every single day.Amy Workout

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How much effort does it really involve going to the gym? You went a few times a month last year, so why can’t you increase that to everyday? You can make a few extra minutes in your day. You may just have to get up a bit earlier, or maybe not go out as frequently.

7. You made up a hard New Year’s resolution just to impress people.Awesome

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You are sick of hearing the same old resolutions about losing weight and eating healthier, so you came up with a really good one to impress people. You love seeing their reaction when you tell it to them. It’s too bad you haven’t figured out what exactly it involves and how you are going to accomplish it in your lifetime, yet alone 12 months.

8. You made lots of resolutions but have no action plan for any one of them.thumbs

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You made your New Year’s resolutions and even wrote them down on the front page of a notebook. You are way ahead of everyone else. You are going to be crossing them off before you know it. It doesn’t matter where you are going to begin, you just know you are going to get them all done.

9. You think it is easy to go from being a novice at some to a master in less than 12 months.SUperstar

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Twelve months is a long time when you really think about. Take all of the stuff you learned during school, and you weren’t even trying that hard then. It is perfectly realistic to go from never having heard of something to becoming a master at the end of the year. You’re pretty sure all the greats learned their skills in less time than that.