Could it be that the pop star of ugliness and darkness could actually look…pretty????  It has become the standard and expected that Lady Gaga will show up wearing an ensemble that is completely avant garde with no regards to its ability to flatter her appearance in any way.  It usually seems that the uglier the costume, the more Gaga will love it!

But here we have the infamous Marilyn Manson-esque pop star looking very Hollywood glamour with flowing blonde hair and a stunningly gorgeous gold gown.  I love this dress…it looks so delicate and it since it’s on Gaga you know it’s some ridiculous couture piece that was handmade for her by one my favorite designers.

Oh yes, and she also happens to be carrying a cup of tea in a delicate china teacup.  What a sophisticated woman she has turned out to be!!  Nevermind that the dress is see-through

Image: Bauer Griffin