Quickly! To the computer! Friendster is about to erase your data!

CNN Money reports that an email was sent to Friendster users announcing that they would be unveiling a redesign — and it is an email that I got. At my fucking hotmail account. The email informs users that the company will be “introducing a new and improved Friendster site” (read: skulking away from Facebook domination with as little fanfare as possible), and that should users want to preserve their “photos, blogs or other private data,” they’ve developed an app that allows the info to be moved to Flickr or Multiply.


Anyway, remember Friendster? When your online stalking habits really blossomed? I do. Also, remember how what you did on there was post little yearbook-like shout-outs to your friends? As in, “Jessica is the coolest! We took one epic road trip together and that was how I knew I had found my musical soul mate.”

Anyway, all of you may not be sitting there going, “ooooohhhh yeeeeaaaah” and rushing over to your Friendster page to remember what kinds of things people said about you in 2004. But if you are, hurry and copy and paste that shit to a Word doc, or the world may never know what they lost.