OK, this whole Willow Smith thing is just getting crazy. I know, I know, she makes adorable music, and her mother’s stylist she has great taste. But now, People.com has a headline that reads: “Willow Smith: I Won’t Do Anything Without Mom’s Permission.”

What world is this? Are we in a Twilight Zone? A theater of the absurd? Is it really news that a 10-year-old needs her mother’s permission to do things? Oh, really? Is that right? So she won’t be driving herself to 4th grade? Or taking herself out to nightclubs? Or, I don’t know, doing her own grocery shopping? Well, that is shocking.

Listen — I’m no psychiatrist, but I certainly hope that Willow will be fine with all this fame and all this attention. But you know who I’m really concerned about, at this point? The adults who have gotten to the point where her career and these kinds of headlines don’t seem weird. I beg of you: think of the adults.

First of all, it’s embarrassing that a grown person had to listen with a straight face, as the People reporter did, to answers like: “I can’t do whatever I want…Mommy has to say it’s okay.” It just makes us all look bad. Second of all, are we that obsessed with youth that we’re now dipping our celebrity-lust ladle into a pool of people who haven’t even gone through puberty? What’s next — a hit single released from the child in Pink’s womb? I can see the headlines, full of nuggets of wisdom from beyond the vaginal wall: “Pink’s Unborn Fetus: I Can’t Survive Without My Mother’s Living Body.” (I’m copyrighting that.)