I guess that I shouldn’t be snarky about this, because the fact that two women are suing The Standard New York after being fired, allegedly, for not being tall and model-y enough is obviously not cool, but I mean…honestly? If I thought that I could get a job making hundreds of dollars a night for carrying drinks around on trays, I would go apply. But I’m not going to, because I don’t look like a model, and so I know I wouldn’t get hired at a place like The Standard.

Anyway, maybe I’m just jaded, but it doesn’t really seem that surprising to me that hotels like The Standard are hiring people based on looks. I mean, it’s actually not surprising at all. It’s like, a thing. And it’s a thing, I would venture to say, that everyone knows, including these two former waitresses when they were hired in the first place.

According to the New York Daily News, the two women believe that their being fired had to do with their height specifically, not their looks.

Whatever, I still hope they win their lawsuit. Firing people for no good reason isn’t cool, if that’s what happened. It won’t change the culture of bars hiring women based on their looks, but maybe these chicks will get revenge, and if there’s one thing I’m for, it’s vengeance for mistreated waitstaff.