shutter_dr explainingThis medical professional is qualified to explain abortion procedures to this man, who is thrilled to finally have accurate information.

Another day, another Republican legislator saying something stupid and factually inaccurate about abortion. Today’s misinformed elected official is Missouri state Senate Majority Whip Brian Nieves, who forgot that women get late-term abortions for reasons other than being irresponsible floozies who couldn’t schedule their abortion around their nail appointments.

nieves gunThe gun in question. Cool pic, bro!

According to The Huffington Post, Nieves got into it with a hero commenter named Chris M. Jessen on his Facebook page, after the commenter responded to a photo Nieves posted of a gun (Ed Note: lolz).

Nieves asked one of the commenters who was offended by the gun photo if he supports “partial-birth abortions.” — a political term used to describe the “dilation and extraction” abortion procedure that is used rarely in the third trimester.

Jessen listed medical conditions that can develop during the third trimester that would threaten the life of the mother or fetus, necessitating an abortion. He also provided logistical reasons that would explain why women seek late-term abortions, including “an inability to afford an abortion in the first trimester and an inability to locate medical assistance.”

To that, Nieves replied, “‘Life of the Mother?’ Your own argument proves it is a matter of convenience!”

Oh for fuck’s sake. What’s fun about this is that nothing is fun about this. Unfortunately, our country doesn’t require its lawmakers to have any actual educated understanding or knowledge of the very laws that they pass. I’m not sure how Jessen’s point that late term abortions are frequently required because the mother or fetus developed life threatening problems such as “heart failure, severe or uncontrollable diabetes, serious renal disease, hypertension, and severe fetal deformities” shows that late term abortions are a matter of convenience for lazy bone pregos, but then again I’m not a master rhetorician like Brian Nieves. Additionally, the “inability to afford an abortion in the first trimester and an inability to locate medical assistance” referenced by Jessen are direct results of anti-woman legislation (like Texas’s recent SB5) that limit women’s access to abortions. Sounds pretty damn inconvenient!

36682_465592433218_6391742_nBrian Nieves is not a medical professional, but he is an elected official who likes to duke it out with constituents over Facebook.

Look, Brian Nieves doesn’t represent my state, and his national influence is relatively limited. Except that it isn’t, because every time some dumbass elected official spreads false information about abortion, we get closer to denying more women life saving and necessary medical care. We need to keep correcting these myths before they further ingrain themselves into the national conversation about abortions and get interpreted as facts.

Chris Jessen, you’re a pretty awesome guy.

Photos: Shutterstock, Brian Nieves’ Facebook