brides throwing cats 1a

Image courtesy of Bryan Aulick. Original image here.

If there’s anything ladies love, it’s cats and weddings, amirite? Well, not all ladies, surely. But I do, and I’m in charge of the “publish” button this morning, so you’re getting cats and brides with your morning coffee.

In what is probably the funniest meme we’ve seen since Hot Dog Legs appeared on our radar earlier this summer, the new Brides Throwing Cats Tumblr is an awesome compilation of photos of brides throwing cats, which is so much better than throwing bouquets.

Brides throwing cats 7

It’s like your favorite cat meme with bonus pictures of pretty dresses to ogle. (I’m in all kinds of love with the feathery, bell-shaped cupcake in the first photo. It makes me wonder whatever happened to Project Runway‘s Kenley Collins.)

brides throwing cats 3

brides throwing cats 2

The flying cat makes one wonder what the hypothetical prize for the wedding attendee that catches it is. I like to think it’s another cat. Two cats for the fastest bridesmaid!

I am very sad that I can’t do this with my own pictures, because I ruined the photo op by being utterly unable to throw in a beautiful arc. The bouquet went straight up, hit the ceiling, and came back down even faster and bounced off my head. I was going to try for a re-do, but two of my friends are very literal about what constitutes a “throw” and barreled in like two Tasmanian devils in a three-legged race. I miss out on all the memes.

Via Jezebel/Photos: Brides Throwing Cats