Yikes what happened to Brit’s newest boyfriend Jason Trawick???  Not like he was a super hottie before or anything, but in recent photos of the couple shopping at Target, the agent slash boyfriend looked haggard and beat down with a dirty beard and baggy skinny jeans.  Britney Spears has been known for picking the most unexpected men as her boyfriends so it’s not really a surprise that she is now dating her agent…but the stress of being the guy who is actually dating Britney Spears seems to be wearing on this poor unsuspecting fellow….

Is shacking up with the queen of pop too much to handle???  None of us knew what Jason Trawick looked like before since we basically just see Brit and then something following her around, so I’ve included a pic of the bf from about six months ago when the couple first started dating….looks like he cared a lot more about eating, shaving, haircuts, and showers back then…

Image: Fame Pictures - Jason Trawick now

Image: Fame Pictures - Jason Trawick six months ago