Brittany Snow

Brittany Snow

Another request for a celeb closet raid, dahlings. This time, I’m after Brittany Snow’s gorgeous white trench coat.

Look at this thing – it’s fabulous! Now, it’s no secret my snarky self is head-over-heels for the classic black and white combo, but it still has to be a great cut to qualify for my Snarkstress Seal of Approval. Well, this thing has got the cut. It’s proportions are perfect.

I. Must. Have. This. Coat.

And. So. Should. You.

Of course, then we’d all look like clones. But maybe that’s not a bad thing. At least we’d all be stylish clones. That’s more than we can say about some people, eh Lindsay?

Anyhoo, loves, if anyone has people who know Brittany’s people, be a lamb and get a hold of this coat for me, won’t you? I’d use my own peeps, but they’re busy setting up my Hawaiian get-away with Adrian Grenier. You know how it is…

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