There are many things the face of Don Draper can sell. Suits. Scotch. Cigarettes. Sure, he might be existentially tortured, but you can’t say the man doesn’t make these things look cool.

One thing he might not be the best candidate for? Father’s Day pottery painting classes. Or Father’s Day anything, for that matter. But especially Father’s Day pottery painting classes, because can you imagine Don Draper sitting there, smoking furiously as he tries to get the yellow trim right on a little ceramic mug? Actually, I just did, and it was funny, but also completely out of character for him.

As The New York Observer‘s Drew Grant writes, Don’s hardly a shining example of great parenting, nor is he a bad enough father for the ad to be ironic:

Is it ironic? Maybe if it was an advertisement for Mother’s Day and had a picture of Betty. But this is just monkeys. Don Draper isn’t a great dad, but nor is he the worst dad, nor is he a real dad.  He’s a character whose fatherhood has only a passing affect on his life.

It’s like…did these people watch last week’s episode? Don couldn’t even be bothered to make sure Sally wasn’t sneaking boys into the apartment or having her period.

That said, I wholeheartedly endorse any and all Betty Francis related Mother’s Day advertising, because she makes all other mothers look like June Cleaver by comparison. Then again, if she keeps going down the road we last saw her on (comforting Sally re: menstruation and whatnot), this might not be true for long.

(Via The New York Observer)