There is absolutely nothing I understand about Fergie’s new look. It appears we have lost her to the gladiator sandal side (barf) and now she has decided to go with a harsh super straight brunette hair which is about as unforgiving as can be when framed around a not quite youthful anymore face.

Are the orange streaks a side effect of being blonde for so long? I can understand if her hair is porous enough that the color isn’t sticking. But if this is intentional, then Fergie needs to get her money back.

The dress is a nice color and the cut could be cute. But the belt is sloppy and reminicent of Karate lessons in a strip mall. Way to run an outfit.

Images: Splash News

Now let’s take a closer look at how Fergie’s face is holding up these days…

What happened?

Image: INF

Image: INF

Is this Fergie for Priscilla Presley? Did the same person who is responsible for the horrible hair color also perform some minor medical enhancements (loosely speaking) to her cheeks and lips? Honeychild, you are only in your mid-thirties, but this cosmetic work is propelling you into your fifties.

Put the scalpel down. Go back to your light brown hair. And don’t let me see you wearing gladiator sandals again.

Somehow…it always comes back to the gladiators.