Have you seen the recent photos of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reunion yet? While I’m normally a big ‘ol fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s fabulous sense of style (I should really do a post dedicated solely to her), here I see 3 major fashion f***-ups, all in one photo. And while this makes my job super easy, I still have to marvel at how much bad fashion is all together in one spot at the same time. Sigh.

First, on Sarah Michelle – I love the dress’s melon color with her complexion. She’s lovely and glowing as always, and I’m definitely groovin’ on the wavy ‘do. As for the dress, at first I thought the black detailing and accents were a bit strange against such a bright and cheery color, but I then ended up kind of digging it for this time of year. In summer? Hell no. This time of year? Mm, okay sure.

So the big offense here is the shape (or un-shape) of this dress. SM’s awesome little bod, which I’m sure she works very hard on, is totally negated with this frock. What a pity. Thumbs waaaaay down on this one.

On Seth Green – Okay, this look is so tired. If you’re going monochromatic, fine, but not with the sheeny-shiny goofiness that is this shirt and tie. Ick.

And finally, Michelle Trachtenberg’s dress would be damn cute if the following changes were made:

A) The hemline was shortened by several inches. I love the detail at the bottom, but the length is awful on her and makes her gams appear crazy-thick. Not good.
B) This dress was on a body with Sarah Michelle’s coloring or darker. Michelle’s lovely, but let’s get real: Girl’s pale. Colors like this only magnify that fact. Now, if the organe-y color from her belt was used along the neckline somehow, then okay. But having a pale bodice against a pale body is just not flattering. At all.

So in summary, while it’s super-kewl that these cats all met up again, a quick trip to a pre-party stylist wouldn’t have been a bad idea for any of them (sorry, Sarah Michelle. I really do still adore you, dahling. Really.)

So what do you loves think? Is this group still hot? Or not?