Cameron Diaz photographed topless in the Caribbean

One of the few things that would genuinely suck about being a celebrity is the paparazzi. Due to our society’s never-ending interest in the lives and habits of famous people, photographers are paid enormous sums of money to take photos of celebs outside their homes, in their cars, at events, in clubs, in bars, on vacations, in parking garages–really, there’s no place off-limits, short of private property (and even then sometimes paparazzi will cross the line). In this case, a paparazzo apparently ate Gillyweed in order to snap photos of a topless Cameron Diaz.

For those of you who didn’t get the Harry Potter reference, I’m referring to a fictional plant that allowed characters to breathe underwater. And honestly, when you look at the photos taken by the photographer, it’s hard to imagine he (or she, though most paparazzi I’ve seen at and outside events seem to be men) wasn’t either invited to be taking the pictures or was simply the lucky winner of an invisibility cloak.* Or paparazzi are evolving into sea creatures.

Apparently, Diaz was on vacation with several friends in the Caribbean when the group decided to go skinny dipping in the ocean. Now, this is exactly what I would do if I were famous and could afford to go on vacations to beautiful locations with sand and warm water and waves. (Really, what else can you do? Life has given you no other choice!) But I would certainly not want some creepzilla photog swimming beneath the waves or hiding in actual caves as I swim and walk around topless. Unless he was invited, in which case, this is the oddest PR stunt I’ve seen in a while. Or unless he was a dolphin, because a dolphin paparazzo would be my favorite thing ever.

To be fair, these photos probably fall somewhere in between Michelle Rodriguez‘s naked yoga selfie and other celebs’ nude photos leaked by their exes on the Pics Of Famous Folks Sans Clothing scale, given that Diaz’s reps haven’t condemned the images nor does it seem like these could possibly have been taken unnoticed, but either way–they’re making me jealous of Diaz’s ultra-warm getaway. I know, I’m selfish.

*Yes, I’ve been rereading all the Harry Potter books, so you can expect quite a few more references to magic stuff within the next several days. Just a warning/invitation to make them with me.

Photo: Eric Kowalsky/Pacific Coast News