Look, I think this is something we should be thinking about. BECAUSE IT IS THE ENDTIMES.

Here are some things I know from watching zombie movies and reading every Max Brooks book ever.

1) You should break down the stairs in your home when zombies start attacking, because zombies can’t climb.

2) You should get a bike. Zombies generally move slowly, so you just need to make sure you’re not trapped by a hoard of them. A bike is more easy to maneuver in tight areas than a car, and you won’t need to stop for gas.

3) Get a sledgehammer to smash zombie skulls. They’re silent, effective and you’ll never run out of bullets.

4) Stay in an unpopulated area! Less people = less zombies.

Here are some things I do not have: a residence in a less populated area, a sledgehammer, a bike, an ability to break down stairs.

So, I’m dead. How will you outlive the carnage? (Really, do you come up with plans? I come up with plans. What’s your plan? Fuck, do you have a bicycle?).