I found out the other night that my friend is a Republican. She hasn’t always been this way. There was once a time when we were both equally liberal, sharing our apartment on East 7th Street back in the day, broke and happy. But then something happened and she changed. I don’t know when this thing came over her, if it’s contagious or if there are meds for the situation, but apparently she’s voting for Mitt Romney and there’s nothing I can do about it. Barack doesn’t give her shivers when he speaks anymore.

Of course, she has every right to vote for whomever she wants, but I was just surprised by this new her. Do her parents know? Was this how she was going to raise her child? Why didn’t I get a memo? It clearly could not have happened over night; it must have taken some time to get that way.

If we were dating, it would be an issue for me. I’m quite certain I couldn’t date someone who hung out on that end of the political spectrum. However, she’s my friend, my best friend to be exact, so I can’t fault her for having different political opinions from me. But it’s still strange when you realize that people can do a 180 on something, and probably won’t be doing a 180 back.

We put the topic to bed, because we hadn’t seen each other in months and there was no sense in ruining our black truffle pasta with debating something that neither side can win. I know that she and I will always be close — it doesn’t matter how we cast our ballot, but I also know that for some, that’s a deal-breaker for friendships. But I figure as long as she doesn’t set up camp outside a Planned Parenthood trying to deny a woman’s right to choice, then we’ll be OK.



Photo: Someecards