Cannes Film Festival - Help! What Do I Need To Know Before Leaving The Country For The First Time?

Confession time! I have never been to another country–well, with the exception of Canada which I grew up rather close to so it doesn’t feel very faraway anyway. So, when I found out I was going with Stella Artois to France for the Cannes Film Festival this week, I was both wildly excited and mildly terrified.

Before you yelp, “Whaaaat? You’ve never left the country?!” let me preface with a few things:

1. It’s so expensive to go to other countries! To be frank, I am 24, don’t make the salary of a finance bro, and my parents would not/could not spontaneously drop $2,000 on a flight for me.

2. I am afraid of traveling. Why? Because I’m a total wimp. I love going to places where I already know people–I even don’t mind moving cross-country without ever having seen my destination city, but traveling on vacation to a faraway place I know no one? Totally different. Therefore, I was totally thrilled and filled with gratitude when I found out I would be going to France for a press trip with Stella Artois. Seriously, I looked like this minus the curls:

That said, I do not know exactly how to prepare for a trip abroad. Are there phrases most important to learn besides asking where the bathroom’s at? Are there any especially useful apps for the iPhone? How many croissants is too many croissants? Clearly, I am in need for some help, so let a girl know if you have any advice!

Photo: Mathieu Lebreton/Flickr