As the debate rages on about whether “Girls” is realistic or not, let us hearken back to a time and place when we were having the exact same debate about a different foursome of white ladies trying to make it in New York: the “Sex and the City” gals. At that time, much ado was made (and, frankly, much ado is still made) about whether or not freelance writer Carrie Bradshaw would have been able to afford her phenomenal apartment on the Upper East Side. Repeatedly, we decided she would not.

That decision was verified when it turned out that the real-life building that served as the exterior of Carrie’s apartment was on the market for over $9 million. But now, real estate agent Barbara Corcoran has assessed her fictional digs for Vanity Fair, and determined that Carrie would have paid about $2,800 a month for rent.

Speaking as a fellow freelance writer…LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Nice try, HBO. Nice try.