The entire town of West Branch, Michigan has rallied around a bullied high school student after her asshole classmates voted her homecoming princess as a joke. (Because she’s so unpopular, get it??)

16-year-old “free spirit” Whitney Kropp (who, for the record, is totes adorable) had her feelings hurt when she realized the monstrous nightmare children she goes to school with had voted her in for less than sincere reasons. However, young Whitney held her head high, even after the boy who was voted in with her withdrew from homecoming court out of embarrassment:

“In the Homecoming Court! :)” she wrote on her Facebook page. “Little nervous but this is going to be fun :D”

“Probably not with Josh though,” wrote back a sophomore girl.

“He couldnt do it cause of football plus he never goes to homecoming,” said Kropp.

“That’s not what he told everybody,” said the girl.

“what did he say?” asked Kropp.

The other girl didn’t respond.

“Oh. Well it don’t matter to me anyways,” Kropp wrote four minutes later. “I thought it would be awkward anyways.”

That night, Kropp’s mom found her crying in her bedroom. She no longer wanted to do it.

But Whitney’s mom encouraged her to go to the dance anyway, where she killed every last one of those little shits with her newly acquired teen angst powers!

Just kidding, she decided to go anyway after her whole town rallied around her to try to make the night as special as possible and show her that her disgusting classmates were in the minority in deeming her worthless:

Kropp’s sister told her friends, who told their parents, who told their friends.

The Facebook support page was created, quickly drawing hundreds of messages of encouragement. The page has more likes (more than 3,500) than the town has people (2,100).

A bank account was opened for Kropp’s homecoming expenses but wasn’t needed. So many businesses donated services that everything was covered.

Shannon Champagne and another beauty salon worker offered their services and asked other businesses to do the same.

“It really touched me. I can’t believe that kids can be so mean and ruthless,” said Champagne, 28, a nail tech at Whit’s End Hair Studio. “In high school, everything means everything to you. You don’t realize that none of it will matter after you leave.”

Who is Shannon Champagne and will she be my friend? Anyway, as someone who was pretty unpopular in high school myself, I find the whole story pretty touching, although a Carrie-esque ending would have been way cooler. I’m also impressed that a sad, bullied teen found the inner strength to post this on Facebook:

“Going to homecoming to show them that I’m not a joke. Im a beautiful person and you shouldn’t mess with me!”

Don’t worry, little one. If the movies are any indication, you’re going to grow up to be a super cool writer and/or art gallery manager who gets to drink cocktails with Chloe Sevigny and “have it all” in New York City while your former classmates are all nursing pill problems and babies and working at Applebees.

(Via The Detroit News)