casey anthony flanigans seafood

Calm down! Casey Anthony was spotted in a normal place! It’s not nearly as terrible as it could be.

A woman thought to be Casey Anthony was seen at Flanigan’s Seafood restaurant in Florida. It’s only notable because this is the first time Casey appeared out in public since being acquitted of killing her daughter, Caylee.  She dined with a man thought to be private detective Pat McKenna. Apparently she had hot wings.

According to Gossip Extra:

Casey wore a white, knitted hat over her dark hair. She did not speak to waiters, the spy added, and talked to the men with her in a muted voice.

You know, I think we assume that if we were, as Casey Anthony is, “the most hated woman in America” we’d probably spend some time not going out. There would be a kind of self imposed exile that most people would crawl into. But I think we also assume that after a certain point we’d leave our self imposed seclusion, and we’d go out. Maybe for something big. Maybe for, I don’t know, a relative’s significant event (like your sister’s wedding). Or a charity fundraiser, to prove that we were a good person, though I think it is unlikely that Casey Anthony is going to be asked to serve on any aid-the-children boards soon.

But in reality, I imagine most of us would just eventually say “fuck it. I’m going out for hot wings.” Weirdly, this is the first thing I’ve read about Casey Anthony that makes me feel like she is behaving completely normally.