Hello, Cat, come back to earth, please.

If only we could all live long enough that a day could pass in which we are not bombarded by Cat Marnell‘s latest antics and stunts to “shock” the world, or more specifically New York City, with her free-wheelin’ ways. Yes, that would be a glorious day indeed. But that day has yet to come, and as long as she doesn’t overdose, those days are faraway.

Former xoJane beauty editor, permanent hot mess, glamorized drug user and current Vice columnist (that is when she actually decides to contribute) Cat Marnell has now made the leap to music video star. With glassy eyes for most of the it, that just sort of stare without direction or purpose all while chomping on gum, Marnell does her best “I’m fucked up” face in the new Riff Raff video — apparently he’s a hip-hop/performance artist — and wow, she does it well. Practice makes perfect!

As she dances, gets wet, makes out with a girl on a rooftop and glows with whatever the hell she has on her skin, her eyes have a dead look to them. Even when she smiles and appears to be having fun in the scenes that bounce back and forth between piles of pills, she just looks so vacant. Perhaps she’s a good actress — the song is called “Midnight Sprite,” so the video would call for a strung out party girl, but I’m not buying it. Writers can’t act, that’s why they write.

For the first time ever, I feel bad for her. Usually I’m just annoyed, but her gaze is so barren, so defeated and her actions so desperate for attention (more so than usual), I just want to give her a hug. Oh. My. God. I want to hug Cat Marnell! She made me grow a heart! Someone alert the papers! She also makes me never want to touch a drug again, so that’s definitely a good thing.

Watch the video and let me know if you want to give her a hug, too.

[youtube_iframe id=”_UWjKkgrMgo”]

Photo: YouTube