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Ian-Fortey over at Break.com noticed something odd about the workforce at Cellular Solutions, which according to their own site, is “the leading communications provider to South East England.” Let’s take a look at the screen caps he took from their website:

sexism in workplace

wokrplace sexism 2 workplace sexism 3 workplace sexism

Do you feel like you’re looking through a book of potential egg donors for infertile WASPs or sister wives? Okay, you sexist pig, these are working women and not sex machines. God. Cellular Solutions has what seems to be an all female work-force. Oh wait.

sexism in workplace 2

That’s cool. All the people in charge are men.

It’s a complicated situation, because look at all those women with jobs. Shouldn’t you feminists be thrilled to see this all female (mostly white blonde, young, and hot) workforce? But this basically looks like a professional harem—nubile young women run around chattering about their under wire under the watchful eye of outnumbered men.

For a nuanced conversation about this, let’s go to the commenters on the original article, who engaged in a measured debate and had some excellent insight to share (click here to see all of the remarkable responses). Let’s start with commenter Eldystar, who thinks that the all male leadership team are doing some quantifiable good, and says “These guys give hot girls jobs quit hating.” That’s a valid point.

Commenter CUJJOB expresses frustration with the whole discriminating against women in the workplace issue, mirroring our frustration with being women in the workplace.

Can’t win, don’t give a women a jobs its being sexist, give women jobs, sexist.  Plus in reality, what man would want to be around a bunch of back stabbing, bunch of gossips all day any way.  I’ve been there, “Did you see what Katie’s wearing, Did you hear what Tammy said? Did you know what happened to Laquita?” Oh wait, looks like Laquita ain’t qualified to work there either.

I feel badly for CUJJOB, because Katie sounds poorly dressed, Tammy sounds like an idiot, and it appears that Laquita doesn’t have the adequate job training to keep up with CUJJOB. And so I understand his frustration.

Commenter nowftnocomment adds that we really shouldn’t be up in arms about this, because after all, men being in charge is “[j]ust four guys doing what comes naturally. Move along.”

But it was commenter RiotSt4rt3r who cut through the BS to the real root of the problem to end the debate once and for all. He posits the following: “I wonder if all their periods synced up. My god that would be hell.” I can’t disagree with him. Bitches be menstruating.

Photos: Break.com