By now, we all know that Channing Tatum used to be a stripper, yes? We are well aware? We’ve seen him with his junk bunched up in a tidy whitey thong?

OK, good. Because I wouldn’t want anyone to be surprised when I tell you that he’s being asked about it regularly, and standing behind the decision, loud and proud.

Which he should. Of course. I support everyone’s right to both be a stripper and go to strip clubs, to be a prostitute and to visit prostitutes (assuming that everyone involved is a consenting adult). Here’s what he recently told CNN:

“Yeah, yeah, [I] definitely was” a stripper. “[I] had a crazy life in Florida, man. I’ve lived a lot of different lives, and I’m not ashamed of ’em.”

You know, who knows what would happen if a woman did the same thing. Diablo Cody seems to have done pretty well for herself — but then again, she’s not starring as the leading lady in romantic comedies. I just wonder if a woman with a similar past would be given such a free pass to “live different lives” without being punished for it, and to move on so seamlessly from one time in life to another. Certainly a fair number of women with pasts in sex work, or with nude pictures floating around, are raked over the coals a bit more than Tatum, forced to be publicly shamed and to ask for forgiveness, even if they do ultimately launch careers.

It would just be nice to see a woman be allowed to say something as unapologetic as this about her sexy background — whether it’s in the sex industry or just as a female Charlie Sheen. You know?