Behold my fellow cookie lovers and look at this cookie of which dreams are made. It’s colorful, fun and probably, delectable to boot.

In celebration of the Curiosity finally landing on Mars yesterday, the good and clearly creative folks over at Oreo decided to create this little wonder. I’m not the astronomy geek I was when I was kid, but I’m just completely in love with this cookie. I think it has to do with the color and the tiny wheel imprints on the frosting — the frosting that I would like to consume in mass amounts at this very moment.

However, my fellow cookie lovers, you won’t see this cookie in a package anytime soon, because Oreo and the fine people who work there are a cruel and taunting group. They want us to crave this cookie, run to the closest bodega, buy a bunch of packs and rip through them as if looking for a Willy Wonka golden ticket —  a ticket that only exists on Twitter and cannot be consumed. The unfairness of it all is too much to bear!

My overly dramatic issues with Oreo this morning aside, I really hope the brand will consider doing more cookies like this and actually sell them to us, the cookie-craving public. The fact is that when it comes to Oreos, a big chunk of the population rips off the top so we can eat the frosting, and this particular cookie would save some of us a lot of time.


Photo: Twitter