chen guangcheng kim kardashian

You may not be familiar Chen Guangcheng, but you’d probably really like him if you’re a fan of, say, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, you know, heroes. If you like heroes, basically, you’ll like him.

The blind Chinese civil rights activist is known for his work defending women and the poor in rural areas of China. In 2005 he became known for organizing a class-action lawsuit against the city of Linyi in Shandong regarding their brutal enforcement of the one-child policy (forced abortions). He was subsequently arrested, denied a lawyer in court, and jailed for the next 4 years. After his release, he was kept under house arrest, but escaped this April and is now living in New York. (He is a visiting Scholar of New York University and was granted a visa.)

Andy Borowitz jokes that upon exposure to the Kardashians, Guangcheng stated…

“It almost feels as though I have traded one kind of tyranny for another. “Who are they, and what do they do?” Chen asked. “I have asked these questions of many people, and no one will answer me. It seems to be some kind of state secret.””

We actually love making fun of Kim Kardashian at any time but the guy was imprisoned for 6 years. After being denied a lawyer. For not wanting women to get forced abortions. Kind of tasteless?

But then, come on, there’s no way this guy would like the Kardashians.