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Hey, did you know it’s April? Springtime. Green grass. Birds. Bunnies. A young man’s fancy turns to love. Oh, and one other major detail: the first day of April is known as April Fool’s Day. That means that if you read a rumor on the internet today that Sarah Jessica “Carrie Bradshaw” Parker is totes dead!!1!, you should just go ahead and not believe it. Here are several reasons why:

1. It is April Fool’s Day.

2. You heard about it on the internet. And not from a reliable source on the internet (because, obviously, we here at TheGloss dot com are not haters of the series of tubes), but from, like, some dude’s Twitter. That is the web equivalent of hearing it from a guy who’s friend’s sister totally saw Ferris last night at 31 Flavors.

Hope that helps with that whole “clearing up the rumor” thing. Besides, I totally asked some people and my cousin’s boyfriend’s best friend totally saw SJP at a Starbucks this morning, meaning she’s alive and well and probably craving an iced coffee.