Another day, another Chris Brown fight. At this point in time, I think we have moved past any form of surprise when we hear of something violent or repugnant or ridiculous that he has done and instead just feel… sad.

Yesterday, outside of a recording studio in West Hollywood, Brown and five other men were involved in a physical altercation that the Los Angeles Police Department responded to. Apparently, the “altercation allegedly led to Chris Brown punching the victim.” Another famous face was involved, as well: singer and Grammy nominee Frank Ocean tweeted “got jumped by chris (brown) and a couple guys. lol.” The LAPD said it will be contacting Brown later, so he may actually face charges for the incident. So, wanna know what incredibly important thing these guys were punching each other over was?

Wait for it…

…a parking space.

So, yeah, once again: I just feel sad. I am not surprised or shocker, just sad. When a celebrity is so consistently terrible and violent, you would think he might just fall out of favor with other famous people eventually. You would think that fans might stop screaming his name when he performs. You would think people might just cease to defend him any longer. Unfortunately, this appears to just not be the case with good ol’ Mr. Brown. And while I won’t be shocked or surprised if something worse than some silly parking lot brawl happens, I will be deeply saddened and disturbed and left wondering why nobody did anything about this clearly terrible person who wants to shit in women’s retinas.

Photo: FayesVision/