Despite being an unrepentant woman beater, Chris Brown still enjoys the support of millions of people around the world. If they’re not going to turn against him for getting a tattoo of (essentially) Rihanna‘s bruised face, they’ll probably follow him off a cliff. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t remind them their hero is The Worst every chance we get!

Some plucky activists in London have slapped “advisory labels” on Chris Brown’s new album that say “Warning: DO NOT buy this album. This man beats women.” It’s not yet known who put them there, but I’m guessing it’s someone who thinks it’s fucked up that Chris Brown continues to act like he is the victim because some people are still mad at him for attempting to kill his girlfriend with his bare hands. In addition to being a heartening sign that not everyone has forgiven and forgotten, the labels are a good example of non-violent direct action, a type of civil disobedience which is used to call attention to an issue and agitate for change.

Why is it good? Well, besides potentially making people think a little harder about who to support with their money (although honestly, his fans have mostly rejected reason by now), this action is going to cost his record company money because they’ll have to ship new CDs to stores to be sold. This directly attacks the record company’s main reason for continuing to work with Chris Brown despite his terrible actions and subsequent terrible attitude: he makes them money. Unfortunately, it’s probably just a drop in the bucket compared to how many copies his critically panned new album is going to sell.

(Via Gawker)

Photo: @piercepenniless