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Everyone’s favorite model and outspoken Twitter user Chrissy Teigen went on a completely justifiable Twitter rant after her followers decided to point out a recent weight gain. While Teigen does repeatedly post picture of her own body online, that doesn’t mean her body is no longer her’s, and some collective jerk off material for the public at large to comment on. Rather–it shouldn’t be.

Things went south after Teigen posted the following Instagram, and her followers decided she had gained some weight. Being the Internet commentariat, they decided to tell her of their observations.

God bless Internet commenters, who always seem to think they have some secret insight that nobody else on earth has been privy to. Or that it’s their duty to inform the public. If Teigen had put on 50 pounds, what the hell would that even matter? 100? Do people think she didn’t notice, and it’s their duty to make her aware of the changes in her own body? For whatever reason, people took it upon themselves to point out an imagined weight gain, as if they were saving the world. Teigen followed up her photo with a screen shot and some well-warranted anger:

Her response of emotional anger makes sense to me–I’ll never understand the bullying of women over physical attributes or personal choices (like that commenter who told Teigen to cover up last month). Being a celebrity doesn’t mean you lose your ownership over your own body. Sure, it might be the price of doing business when your body is quite literally your livelihood, but I don’t think it’s out of line to hope for a world where that doesn’t give the general public carte blanche to comment on it. Good for Teigen for standing up for herself and refusing to let comments over her body to be acceptable.

Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images