Christian Louboutin has been in business now for 20 years. Can you believe it? Why, I was just beginning to understand the basics about teased hair at that time.

Some of you were not yet born.

To celebrate this milestone, the designer has collaborated with legendary topless dancing venue Crazy Horse Paris to direct a show based on his famous red soles. According to the Daily Mail, Louboutin had this to say about his effort:

“Crazy Horse is an iconic Paris monument, a monument to dance, a fantastic, modern idea of the celebration of women for women…I am interested in all things that celebrate and enhance the female form.”

Showgirls were actually my first (design inspiration), so it’s really funny that after so many years of having [created footwear] for showgirls in my imagination, I ended up really working with them.”

Should you be in Paris at any time this spring, the show opens on March 4 and will be performed until May 31.