chirstina aguilera covers her new album, lotus

Whoa, Christina Aguilera. Here’s The Voice‘s resident female rising naked from a glowing lotus flower–palms up and serene, per Jesus–looking like a cross between Kim Kardashian and Tracy Anderson, or how someone would paint such a thing.

This is the cover of Aguilera’s new album, to be released in November. It is some real deal hubris shit.

Speaking of hubris, Aguilera is currently promoting the album, but apparently taking a little slice of interviews to fawn over her previous album, Bionic:

Bionic was amazing. That was an experimental record that will surpass time, and maybe was too ahead of its time for certain people. But music people, you know, they really really get my records, and understand that I am constantly evolving and growing.”

An experimental record that will surpass time.