Rihanna Christmas 2013 Instagram

Photo: Rihanna’s Instagram

You know how celebrities often seem to have the coolest holidays, possibly because some of them are awesome and possibly because they have access to professional ice sculptors and whatnot? Before Instagram, we just had to speculate on how much Miley‘s tongue will stick out all day (to catch snowflakes!) or how much more innovative Neil Patrick Harris‘ gift for his partner will be than any I’ve ever given to anybody ever (okay, these are not actual things I usually think during Christmas, but they are perfectly valid 2013 questions).

Honestly, though, is kind of rad to see how people of all sorts of backgrounds (including the super duper famous ones) celebrate holidays. It is proof that we all just want to cover our cats in tinsel and that even ridiculously well-known humans are not immune to that urge. So, let’s sit back, relax, grab some hot cocoa with entirely too many marshmallows, and take a look at how celebrities celebrated Christmas this year.[ITPGallery]