Dad Bods InstagramIt seems like there is an Instagram account dedicated to everything these days. We have celebrities as redhead, hot dudes posing with dogs, hot dudes reading books, lots of hot dudes with cats and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a hot dudes brushing their teeth account. (I’ll let you Google it to find out if it’s real.) You’ll probably have noticed a pattern among the hot dudes accounts. They feature dudes who fit into the stereotypical definition of hot (chiseled jaws, six packs, model occupation). The latest Instagram account that people are liking every photo from is something different. College Dad Bods features hot guys with dad bods (duh) and it is awesome.

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The tagline for the account is “Dad Bods aren’t going to change the world. The men that have them will.” The account has over 13,000 followers and people are loving the numerous shirtless photos. The “dad bod” definition is not the chiseled 12-pack bodies that grace the covers of fitness magazines. Those with dad bods aren’t gym rats or frequent chest waxers, but they are hot dudes and they have a lot of fans.

There are tons of accounts dedicated to the chiseled Abercrombie types so it is a refreshing change to see an account that showcases the dudes with different bodies. This account alone should be responsible for bringing chest hair back into fashion.

There is something for everyone. There are hairy shirtless dudes, semi-hairy shirtless dudes, shirtless dudes showing off their beer bellies, shirtless dudes being proud of dudes being proud of their cup sizes, the list goes on.

Check out more photos on College Dad Bods and get ready to click through every photo.

(Photos: Instagram/CollegeDadBods)