A lot of times it seems as though awards shows are almost completely monochromatic with everyone choosing to play it safe if white or black. While that can be nice, it’s always a relief when someone shows up on the red carpet in a splash of color.

This year’s 2009 Emmy Awards had a decent mix of neutrals with bright shades and as a viewer I appreciated that! In no particular order, here are some of my favorite looks of the night.

Mariska Hargitay wore a beautiful shiny white gown which looked amazing on her. I’ve always found Mariska to be a highly underrated Hollywood beauty because she’s absolutely gorgeous and I don’t think enough people appreciate her good looks.


Plenty more Emmy looks …

Jennifer Love Hewitt has had to put up with so many awful, unsavory things said about her appearance and those people can just stuff it because honestly, she looked stunning in a pale yellow gown at the awards.


Heidi Klum has always made pregnancy look beautiful and glamourous but last night she outdid herself in a wonderful fitted black gown. I’m not sure what’s helping her belly defy gravity like that but she looks incredible!


Sandra Oh dazzled in a strapless gold gown that shimmered under the lights. It’s almost a shock to see her looking like this because you get so used to only seeing her in scrubs when she plays Christina on “Grey’s Anatomy” – I love it!


To be fair to the men, I have to give a mention to reality tv host Jeff Probst (plus, I’ve always had a wee crush on him). The man looks good in his suit, a nice change from his casual wear while hosting Survivor. And also, his wife wore a stunning turquoise dress that can not be ignored. What a gorgeous couple!


Kate Walsh, like Mariska Hargitay, chose a white gown, but hers stood out because of the beautiful soft ruffles that added so much femininity. Very pretty!


Vanessa Williams made an excellent choice with her blue gown. Not only is the neckline very flattering, the shade of blue looks incredible with her skin tone and eye color.


It’s hard to pick one favorite dress since so many celebrities made great choices, but if I was strong-armed into decision-making I could probably confess that I think Sigourney Weaver had my favorite dress of the evening. The red was beautiful and the one-shoulder look was very subtly sexy. Sigourney is a prime example that aging does not have to be a woman’s enemy because she still looks smokin’ hot.


What was your favorite of the evening?

Images: BauerGriffinOnline