racy in literacy

Jacob won our sexy reading contest by a landslide. 55%. 55%! This really didn’t go the way I was expecting it to go. But he is porn for women. Well done Jacob, we salute you and your abs.


A lot. Namely, a lot of books we think are funny.

Sex Tips For Husbands & Wives From 1894 by Ruth Smythers: We already covered some of the tips in this, but we want you to have all of them. It will teach you to give only grudgingly (but please pay no attention to that).

Scribble, Scribble by Nora Ephon: Before she felt bad about her neck, Ephron wrote some sharp, biting, completely hilarious take-downs of different media institutions.

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris: Yeah, I mean, David Sedaris a pretty funny guy who goes to live in France knowing only the world for “bottleneck” (which he uses frequently).

Punching Tom Hanks by Kevin Seccia: Kevin is a friend of all of us at TheGloss. We’re partly just saying to brag, because his book will teach you how to beat up not only celebrities like Tom Hanks, but also guys with broken hearts and a monkey with a hammer. And people from Delaware. And Kevin Seccia. Skills. Life skills.

And, of course…

The Portable Dorothy Parker. Say her verses do not scan, and she’ll get herself another man. Probably one of the funniest collections of short stories you will read anywhere, ever.