In the wake of his dumfounding and infuriating “legitimate rape” controversy, senatorial candidate Todd Akin has decided to employ the ol’ “some of my best friends happen to be ____” strategy to make people think he could not possibly have said something hateful and oppressive to a whole group of people.

As you can see, Akin recruited a real, live rape victim (who has also had an abortion!) to tell America how great he is in his latest political ad. “He defends the unborn, he’s a kind man, a compassionate man, he has so much integrity,” she says.

Are we to believe this woman wishes there’d been a law in place to prevent her from making her own decision in this matter? Fair enough, perhaps she does. She’s entitled to her opinion. She doesn’t say if she got pregnant from rape, but if she did, it’s an even more self-hating stance than I can begin to imagine.

It still doesn’t justify why her and Akin’s beliefs should be imposed on every woman in America. And don’t get me started on the twisted logic behind Russian immigrant Zoya‘s statement that Todd Akin “wants to protect life, not control life like they did in Russia.” Because freedom from choice is the greatest freedom of all?

The scariest thing about it is that Akin is not that far behind his opponent Claire McCaskill in the Missouri Senate race, clear evidence we’ve officially entered Idiocracy territory.

(Via Politico)