Now that we’ve come to the end of Prom season, we think you should begin lying about what you did there. Why? Because lying is fucking fun. No? You don’t think so? I hope you dressed as Abe Lincoln for Prom, jerk. Here. We will begin this for you. TheGloss staffers are telling 2 truths and one lie about their prom. The commenter who guesses the lies most accurately will win a beautiful Brahmin bag. Let’s begin.

Amanda Chatel:

This is my high school boyfriend and I before our prom — the fella to whom I lost my virginity later that night at the beach after going to IHOP.

My fashion inspiration for the evening was Courtney Love.

This was the first time I didn’t wear underwear in public.

Jamie Peck:

I skipped my senior prom to go see Nine Inch Nails.

I got my camp friend from New York to come to my junior prom with me.

I cried about a boy the night of my senior prom.

Lindsay Cross:

 1. My best friend in high school attended another school. I went with him to his prom as his girlfriend so that he could pretend to be straight. (I know its depressing that he felt the need to do this. I can only say that I am thrilled he felt comfortable enough to be honest about his sexuality once we hit college.)
2. At the after prom party, I went four-wheeling in my prom dress and shot road signs with a paintball gun. Yay for the Midwest.

3. Between my multiple proms and friends borrowing my dress for their proms, that particular formal made it to 8 different dances.

Jennifer Wright:

jennifer wright

1) My style inspiration was “how a 19th century vampire courtesan might have dressed” (I was reading a lot of Anne Rice while simultaneously watching Dangerous Beauty pretty much on auto-repeat). I did not reveal this to anyone, ever, before this moment.

2) I spent most of the night talking about Opus Dei with my date. My date did not find this odd at all, probably because he was a weird combination of super bright, well adjusted and really nice. I’m still in touch with him, occasionally. He lives in China, now. What a good guy.

3) I spent the evening afraid to drink anything because I’d been warned excessively about roofies beforehand. At one point, I ended up drinking from the bathroom sink. Roofies. They were a big thing for people to tell you to be concerned about! I guess legitimately! KIDS – NEVER DRINK ANYTHING.

Ashley Cardiff (ED NOTE: Submitted by EIC Jen Wright)

1) Ashley did not attend Prom.

2) Han Solo did not attend Prom

3) This is definitive proof that Ashley is like Han Solo.

Jen Dziura

1)This picture is taken in front of a pond at the Botanical Garden, where we went so I could chase geese. I now realize that geese find this terrifying.

2) That tuxedo-clad arm on the left? Broken in a street hockey game three days later.

3) My dress cost $80 at JCPenney and I picked it in 15 minutes so I could go home and study for the APs.


Jessica Ogilvie:

On the left

1) My prom happened aboard a boat.

2) One person got seasick.

3) My date got wasted on peppermint schnapps.