A New York couple is pissed off that they child they conceived with the help of a fertility clinic was born with a developmental disability — and so they’re suing the clinic.

The couple, Marie and James Dennehy, say that the “devastating genetic disorder” was the result of the clinic not screening their egg donor properly. They’re now hitting Dr. Alan Copperman at Reproductive Medicine Associates up for $500,000.

Since neither side is speaking to the press, it’s tough to know which side to be on (because obviously, one side is in the right and the other is painfully and completely wrong). If the clinic really didn’t do their due diligence and missed a disorder that they should have been able to detect with basic screening (or whatever level of screening they routinely provide/the Dennehys paid for), then it seems pretty cut and dry. But if the disorder couldn’t have been detected with a test, or if there was some room for error — which there usually is in prenatal testing — well then, it’s going to be a little more murky.

Either way, the person who’s going to suffer the most from the couple’s decision to sue isn’t the clinic or even the doctor, but the kid. Instead of focusing on loving their child (that they obviously wanted very badly, or they probably wouldn’t have gone to a fertility clinic) and learning how to deal with the hand they were dealt, this couple is channeling their energy into being angry and going after a cash settlement, as if that will somehow make things OK.

And I’d say that hey, maybe they need the money to take care of the child like xx and xx on Friday Night Lights, but $500,000 isn’t going to cover a lifetime of medical bills. That’s emotional compensation money. Plus, not to make sweeping generalizations here, but the couple is described as residing on the Upper East Side. So…probably not impoverished.

Anyway, at the end of the day Marie and James are going to have to go back to their kid, and he or she is still going to have that disorder. Seems like they’d be better off just dealing with that now.