We never see much of Courtney Love these days, but it’s pretty well guaranteed when we do…there’s going to be something interesting to talk about.

Even though she can’t seem to keep her hair under control and out of her face, I will say that for as much damage as I’m sure that hair has seen…it’s looking reasonably healthy. It is possible that it’s just greasy, but I will give Courtney the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s been treating her blonde waves to some deep conditioning treatments.


Now the jacket…

Well, you’re caught in the rain on the sidewalks of New York. I can’t say I put that much effort into my raincoat choices either. It’s not my cup of tea, darling. But hopefully it’s keeping you dry.

I am a little bit concerned for how skinny you appear to be under there. The ghastly pale skin is not helping matters much either.

You look like you are on a good path here, Courtney. Maybe with a little time out in the sunshine, you might look almost…normal. But that would be crazy, right?