Courtney Love is on a roll lately, endorsement deal-wise. In addition to starring in the new  YSL campaign for expensive clothes based on the cheap clothes she used to wear, she’s also gone and done her first(!) commercial for a product that perfectly encapsulates what the famed Hole frontwoman means to us in 2013: the e-cig. You know, as in electronic cigarettes, as in those strange metal tubes with the blue light on the end you see people sucking on indoors at parties.

The ad plays on that combination of feminine beauty and punk rudeness that captured our hearts so hard when we were 12 and continues to sort of work for her. (Commercials are so punk!) It shows Courtney at a fancy, potentially royal, English function that she has somehow been invited to, at which she appears to be flagrantly enjoying a cigarette, one of her last remaining addictions. A posh lady goes over to tell her that’s not allowed, to which she responds with the tagline of the century: “Relax, it’s a fuckin’ NJOY.” Cue the opening riff of “Celebrity Skin!” (Which came out 15 years ago. Ugh, I feel old.)

Would Courtney be caught dead “vaping” out of a fuckin’ NJOY in real life? Maybe, maybe not. It would certainly go along with the whole New Age-y, self-improvement, clean-ish living thing she’s got going on these days. Then again, e-cigs are as dorky as smoking is cool. But as dorky as they are, they’ve helped at least two of my friends wean themselves off cigarettes, so they do serve a purpose. In any case, I hope she uses some of the money NJOY gave her to pay off her Etsy debts. Manic pixie dream girls are dying every day.

(Via Stereogum)