I have to admit that I have a soft spot in my heart for Jumbo’s Clown Room, the Hollywood titty-bar-turned-strip-club-slash-burlesque-haven where Courtney Love once worked.

See, I used to live right around the corner from the place, back before strip clubs were cool, and I would always walk by there at times of the night that render me lucky to still be alive. At that point, I had no idea what Jumbo’s Clown Room was. Nobody did. It was some sketchy little dive bar, as far as I knew, in the middle of a dingy strip mall, book-ended by a Thai restaurant and a corner market.

Of course, it still is all of those things, but now it’s also a hipster hangout, a place where young men in skinny jeans can go ogle women and still remain convinced that they’re nothing like their dads.

Oh, but seriously. I tease gently, because I too love going to Jumbo’s Clown Room now that I know what goes on in there (although I admittedly am not worried about turning into my father). So, carry on and enjoy, slack-jawed hipster boys.

Anyway, in case you wanted proof that Courtney Love really worked there, here’s photographic evidence! And a few more are available at the link below.

[Dangerous Minds]