35-year-old performance artist Courtney Stodden has been looking noticeably different lately, prompting many to wonder what kind of necromancy she has performed on her features.

Some are speculating that she’s had plastic surgery (by which I mean additional plastic surgery), but looking at before and after photos side by side, I’m not sure that’s necessarily the case:

It seems to me that Courtney’s basic facial structure is in tact. However, she seems to have lightened her hair color, ditched the chola lip makeup for a glossy red, stopped drawing her eyebrows so dark and pointy, and gone for a less hard-edged, more feminine look with her eye makeup. She may also have laid off the bronzer a bit. It’s amazing what you can do with a little bit of hair and makeup.

Then again, her chin looks a little bit thinner, and this is Courtney Stodden we’re talking about, so it’s possible that she had something done.

Her mother Krista Keller issued the prerequisite denial to E! News:

“It’s ridiculous! She’s doing her makeup differently—that’s all it is! Courtney decided she wanted to change her makeup. She went for a lighter, more natural look, old Hollywood kind of look. All she did was lighten her hair, used a lighter shade of makeup and tanner, and not use as much eyeliner. She told me, ‘I want to do it differently’ and all of a sudden they say she’s had plastic surgery!

People always think a knife is touching her face, but she’s like a chameleon. She can change her look so easily. People just don’t get it.”

For once, I think she might be telling the truth. What do you think?

Photos: @CourtneyStodden, WENN