So Courtney Stodden‘s second single dropped today, and despite its grating terribleness, I must say it represents quite the evolution from her lakeside, hater-taunting past. While “Don’t Put It On Me” was all about how you can’t blame the sexy 16-year-old when your man turns out to be a pedo, new single “Reality” is all about “clubbing and dancing with your sexy partner.”

“To me, it’s a story about lust,” the irrepressible baby glamour model told Fox News. “It’s about falling in love with someone. Is it in your head, or is it lust?” I’m thinking the title “Reality” could also be a meta-commentary on the complex layers of hyper-fake-ness that surround everything she does, to the point that we question the very concept of reality itself. Deep.

Musically, the song follows pop music’s current trend of evoking bottle service and smoke machines with a pounding house beat and much computer wizardry. I’m not usually one to say this, but Auto-Tune is definitely Courtney’s friend. Her voice sounds less like an irritated goose, and more like every person to undergo pitch correction ever. She’s learning!

But what does a 17-year-old know of clubs? Well, my friend, the mark of a true artist is the ability to imagine a world beyond one’s own. Or she has a fake ID, or is actually 35. With Courtney’s help, we shall all transcend the impulse to want to know.

(Via Radar)