Sweet Mary mother, this is just too fucking much for me.

I don’t mind Courtney Stodden frolicking about on the beach in a tutu, or trying to look like an 80s video vamp, but for the love of Christ, can we just not insert her mother into the picture (literally)? Please?

Over at Celebuzz, there’s a whole photo shoot of Stodden dressed up in lingerie and sucking frosting off her fingers in ways that we’ve all become disturbingly immune to by now. But instead of just being another day in the life of the Stodden, this time, Courtney’s mother, Krista Keller, can be seen sort of lingering around next to her, watching her daughter fellate her own phalanges (she’s rubbing off on me), and stand there with a glazed look in her eyes as Courtney sticks her ass out while putting a cake in the oven.

Now, look — I’m all for mothers accepting and embracing their daughters’ sexuality. I think that’s healthy, and in fact I wish it would happen more. But there’s a difference between being totally open and happy about your child growing into an adult human with a normal sex drive, and posing with your child for pin-up pictures.

Not because pin-up pictures are bad, but because WHY ARE YOU THERE, MOM?? And of course, it’s especially disturbing with Stodden because we really have yet to get an answer on why her mother thought it would be OK for her 16-year-old daughter to marry a 50-year-old man. It smacks of mom pimping out child, and until we get any more information about it, shit like this photo shoot will not sit well.