We’re all a little creepy when no one is looking.

It’s a fact. If you live alone, you’re prone to strange behavior. Even if you’re as sane as sane can be (how boring!), you’ve probably engaged in something that you would never do in the presence of others. The truth is you’re creepy when no one is watching; admit it.

While some will call this “secret single behavior” à la Sex and the City, you don’t have to be single to have strange habits that you might not want to share with others. After living alone for long enough, you’ll find that eventually you just get into a certain way of functioning that may, or may not, be on the up and up by society’s standards. But hey, you live alone for a reason, right?

So what do some women do just simply because they can thanks to living alone? Here are a few examples. Make sure to add yours in the comment section. We can’t start a club until we get more members.

Photo: Flickr