Have you heard of Hugo Schwyzer? If you haven’t, you should.

Amongst his many endeavors, Schwyzer writes for Jezebel. He’s also probably the most feminist man you’ll meet, although feminists will disagree. Confused? Well, you should be.

For starters, yes, he is a feminist. And yes, he’s probably far more feminist than most, but with his “checkered” past, as the Atlantic called it, is he really allowed to be so staunch in his beliefs? Is he allowed to “mansplain” to you, and so many others, as to how you should live and react to certain situations?

Hugo has fucked his female students. Never a pretty sight, especially in regards to power dynamics in that situation. He’s also been involved in a murder-suicide attempt in which he tried to off himself and his girlfriend at the time. Again, not pretty. He spent a good part of the 1990’s addicted to drugs — that’s his excuse for this behavior — and is now a married man with kids. (Does he get a redemption card here?) Oh, he also dug a tampon out of an ex-wife, displaying the character as weak and unable to function without him, and wrote about it. This is also another source of contention for those who already hate him, and perhaps those who didn’t know him beforehand.

But despite his past, he helped build the The Good Man Project where he was a featured columnist for months, he’s redeemed himself (although some would disagree) with his advocacy for women’s rights and he’d probably kick the ass of any man who has wronged you.

Hugo is used to being hated. Whenever an interview or one of his pieces is posted ANYWHERE commenters try to rip him a new one. He gets hate mail (most recently from an Australian who told him to go “fuk” himself) and based on his Twitter feed, this isn’t exactly a rarity. But he takes it all in stride, sticks to his convictions and never wavers or flip-flops. He is a man who has reinvented himself. However, he’s still a hated.

So, here’s the deal: Hugo is often interviewed by his fellow writers and those looking for a “hot” topic, he’s been written about in hundreds of publications, killed in words by commenters, but yet never asked his side by those commenters. We’re going to change that.

This is your chance to ask Hugo Schwyzer your questions. The man is an honest and a very open book about his beliefs, his past and the new life he has ahead of him.

Let us know your thoughts on this man. Give us your questions, tell him that you, too, loathe him (or love him!), and we’ll see what he has to say. Maybe if you get to be in charge of the questions, we can put all this Hugo-hating to bed. Or maybe you’ll just hate him more which is fine, too.


Photo: Twitter