Sometimes there are single rainbows. Sometimes there are double rainbows. And sometimes there are no rainbows, and just homophobia.

A local diversity group in Indianapolis ordered some rainbow cupcakes to celebrate National Coming Out Day (October 11th). The bakery, Just Cookies, refused to provide them for the occasion. Not because they only had cookies. No. They had cupcakes, they just didn’t want to give them to gay people.

“I explained we’re a family-run business, we have two young, impressionable daughters and we thought maybe it was best not to do that,” co-owner David Stockton told Fox News.

The group placed their order with another bakery, and a spokesperson remarked, that they have “no formal complaint against the [Just Cookies]” and that “embracing diversity means allowing the business owners the right to their opinion and the right to choose how to serve its customers.”

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