da vinci to do list

I don’t care about your to-do list so much as I just wanted to share what was on Da Vinci’s much more awesome to-do list. That said, look, if yours is weirder than Da Vinci’s, I’ll send you something. Not a skull. Not nutmeg. Possibly a restraining order. Here’s his list:

“Get hold of a skull. Nutmeg.

“Observe the holes in the substance of the brain, where there are more of less of them.

“Describe the tongue of the woodpecker and jaw of a crocodile.

“Give measurement of the dead using his finger [as a unit].

“Get your books on anatomy bound. Boots, stockings, comb, towel, shirts, shoelaces, penknife, pens, a skin for the chest, gloves, wrapping paper, charcoal.”

DaVinci seems like he had a great life, also possiby was a crazy person. That said, weird that this does not mention anything about Mary Magdelene being Jesus’s wife.