Dating RulesCandice Accola wants you to go see House at the End of the Street not just because she loves horror movies but also because perhaps it will make for a good date, too. Think about it: with each twist and turn of scary scenes, you’ll be forced to jump in terror and maybe even into the arms of the person next to you!

Due out September 21, House at the End of the Street stars Hunger GamesJennifer Lawrence and Max Thieriotas a young couple who start dating despite Ryan Jacobson’s (Thieriot) dark past. Elissa’s (Lawrence) family moves into a new neighborhood where Ryan’s family used to reside before his parents were murdered by his sister right before she disappeared. Despite the tragic events, Ryan still lives in the home and forges a relationship with the open-hearted and guitar-playing Elissa. All is well and good with the two young lovers until the darkness of the house with the twisted and grim past takes center stage.

Candice knows a thing or two about dating guys with, um, interesting side notes. In her professional dating opinion, everything is always great in the beginning, but once you hit that third date, “freak flags” start popping up and things can either get fun or scary epically fast. In the case of the movie House at the End of the Street, Elissa finds herself in the scary category as she and her family are pulled into a mystery more dangerous than they ever imagined.

If you’re anything like Candice and love horror movies, then House at the End of the Street is for you. Not only do you get to see everyone’s favorite actress of the moment, Jennifer Lawrence getting tied to chairs and running for her life, but good old fashion horror flicks never go out of style. Being scared is fun.

Check out the trailer below.


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