Late Show with David Letterman

Listening to creepy older men talk to young pretty women is extraordinarily uncomfortable. This is not because all older men are inherently creepy; it’s because some of them make it creepy and inappropriate, but young women — even and especially celebrities — often feel the need to simply smile and accept the man’s behavior as a reality that cannot be changed, nor needs to be all that much. Last night on the Late Show with David Letterman, several Sports Illustrated models, including covergirl Kate Upton, were brought onstage and asked ridiculous questions by Letterman such as, “How naked do you see yourself in five years? and, “Where’s the strangest place you’ve found sand?” (because that doesn’t remotely imply a specific body part, of course not).

Is it sad that I almost want to give the show props for not forcing the women to go out in their bathing suits? Believe me, I understand that the photos of these women in their bikinis are why they’re famous in the first place (though this very lucrative market was created by men). And I get that the whole show is comedy and that this is supposed to be humorous, but there are ways to be funny without asking obnoxious questions about nudity and sandy crevasses, right? But here, take a look at the rest of ’em.

Screengrabs provided by[ITPGallery]