Question: Have you guys watched any of the Charlie Sheen videos?

I hadn’t until yesterday, because I figured I already knew what I was in for: the ramblings of an addict, who is high all the time but so deep in denial that he thinks no one will notice. But I finally caved in to curiosity, and so I started watching this video, where he introduces his “goddesses.”

I couldn’t finish it. One girlfriend, former nanny Natalie Kenly, appears to be grinding her teeth throughout the entire interview. The other girlfriend, porn star Bree Olson, nee Rachel Oberlin, comes across as actually down-to-earth and calm, but the fact that she’s defending her life with Sheen and that she spent two years as a teenager in an Indiana juvenile hall facility cause me to question her reasons for being there.  And Sheen himself…well, he speaks with the nonsensical, one-dimensional bravado of someone who is dangerously close to falling over the edge of a cliff and landing, with a thud, at rock bottom.

So, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that watching Sheen and his girlfriends is just plain sad.

Of course, it’s hardly the first time we’ve made a dog and pony show out of a spiraling addict, and it won’t be the last. I know that in the real world, this is what sells, this is like a train wreck, we can’t turn away from it, and we all like to know that someone is worse off then we are.

But Gloss readers, remind me that at the end of the day, we humans are decent creatures…

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